Panarea is considered almost by popular acclaim to be the most beautiful of the seven sisters of the Aeolian archipelago. You will be entranced by the beaches, the unspoilt places, the boat trips, taste and nightlife discoveries. Every day, your longing will increase for sea, sky, colours, flavours...

Panarea is an elegant microcosm which will entice and enwrap you, let you savour the simplicity of the island life, but at the same time, send you into a more refined dimension.


Panarea is a matriarchal island, almost all the activities being managed by women, who know how to welcome you with their innate, enticing style.
Panarea is an island where life starts early in the day, and ends late in the evening. First thing in the morning, you can go to the port to see the fishing boats come in after the night-time fishing trips: you must hire a boat to explore inlets and bays, and organise visits to other islands in the archipelago. Explore the seven sisters, with no particular schedule for your days, you’ll be entranced by the surprises opening up before your eyes!

Cusiritati keeps you company
on Panarea...

You’re invited to come in the cool of the evening to try some new dishes. Here at Cusiritati, we have some completely new meal choices, a chance for you to reassess some basic ingredients and types of fish, such as our Carpaccio di scorfano, thinly sliced redfish. You’ll find it isn’t as bony as you thought, and has an excellent flavour, so it is really tasty when cooked by Marilena. Soon after dinner, you can go outside and enjoy the breathtaking spectacle of the starry canopy of the constellations, the bright points of the planets and stars against the darkness. Pure magic. Night-time at Panarea is not complete without a tour of local nightspots - the Raya will certainly suit you: music, cocktails, style and charm, fun and pleasant encounters. Early in the morning, go down to the harbour, where the fishing boats are returning from their night’s work; it’s a sight to see the newly-caught fish laid out on pallets, scales glinting in the sunshine. In the meantime, try and plan some trips to neighbouring islands, to enjoy an adventure and discover new places. In the late afternoon, don’t miss the excursion to Stromboli, leaving at 7pm, for the night-time spectacle of the volcano, one of the most active in the world. With the guides, who will keep you at a safe distance, you can watch one of nature's most dramatic shows. The trip finishes by 10pm, when you return to Panarea’s harbour, where we will have supper ready for you! Finally, it’s a good idea to plan a boat trip (we suggest Eoliegram with Rosario, who will give you an experience of the Aeolian Sea as you’ve never imagined it before!), and if you order our picnic basket, Cusiritati will keep you company even at sea.


Panarea is an island to be definitely experienced by boat.
It is the first recommendation we want to give you, so you can savour every moment of your island holiday. The second is that you must remember to bring a pair of walking boots, so you can explore the unspoilt, natural and authentic part of the island, an essential experience, where the right equipment is needed. Third and final piece of advice: lose yourself among the coastal lanes around the typical white-painted island settlements, wander the paths along the mountain leading to the inhabited town centre, and if you have problems, don't hesitate to rent a traditional Aeolian taxi, which is simply an Apetta (small three-wheeled vehicle) adapted for tourist transport.



Panarea is an iconic destination in the Aeolian Islands. Cusiritati is the reference point for the story of tradition on a plate.

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