Live to the full on Panarea, a unique kaleidoscope of rolling experiences, nourishing body and soul.

On an island like Panarea, the experiences are the salt of the days, unique moments, but often repeatable for the very pleasure they offer, which have to be revived at all costs.


What is the right frame of mind to experience the Aeolian Islands?
Let yourself wander, enjoy the views and the breathtaking places, be lulled by the lapping of the waves, the deep, crystal waters, visit archaeological museums, idle along the narrow village lanes, hire a boat to explore inlets and bays, a scooter or bicycle to get to know the countryside and the amazing views, experience the places, understanding them and their inhabitants, eat your fill of Aeolian cooking and don't miss the nightlife... all of this, not to be missed in your vacation on Panarea.

Aeolian Islands
pure experience...

The famous Aeolian sunsets fill the sky with fire, astounding you like the heat of the sun on the black sands of Vulcano Island, pure spectacle. It’s wonderful to relax on this black beach, perhaps also taking a natural mud treatment, much needed sometime during the year. We recommend a stop at Lipari, and as well as visiting the main square to see the typical little island shops, you can also go to the regional Aeolian Archaeology Museum, which is in the castle that dominates the island. Lipari also has the open pumice quarries, an unprecedented sight seen from the sea. White beaches sloping down to the sea form a show within a show. Truly evocative! You can also arrange another boat trip to explore the bays and inlets where you can spend an hour, away from prying eyes, enjoying the harmony of sun, sea and colour. The final recommendation is more of a suggestion: speak to the islanders, ask about anything that arouses your curiosity, try to find out as much as possible about life on the island... this will all bond you to the places and create the empathy that will go with you throughout the holiday, and start to become part of you!


Experiencing the Aeolian Islands, without watching the clock, and without any particular schedule, is one of the best ways to suit the lifestyle of the archipelago. Time stops, and every moment is the ideal one to enjoy the places and the harmony, lifestyle and fun, the tastes of real, authentic cooking and excellent wines, to rediscover the untouched, almost primordial natural surroundings, and in the evening, to savour a fine dinner at the Cusiritati restaurant and the entertainments at local nightspots.



Panarea is an iconic destination in the Aeolian Islands. Cusiritati is the reference point for the story of tradition on a plate.

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